Three arrested for murder in Tenerife


A 40-year-old British man was found dead in the Martiánez ravine in Tenerife on July 13 of this year and now three young suspects have been arrested.

The National Police from Los Realejos-Puerto de la Cruz have interviewed three young people from La Orotava, one for causing the man’s death and the others for not reporting the incident.

According to reports from the National Police, upon arrest, the three admitted their guilt and gave a detailed explanation of the events of that night. Following attendance at a party, the person responsible for the death of the British man, his girlfriend and another man went to a bar in Puerto de la Cruz where they fell into a minor altercation with the victim.


At about 3am they saw him again and a more violent clash developed which resulted in the British man falling into the ravine and dying from his injuries.

The girlfriend and the other witness confirmed that they had been present at the time and saw what had happened but had not called the emergency services as they were scared and instead departed, leaving the body at the bottom of the ravine.

Two of them were released awaiting charges whilst the main suspect has been released on bail.



  1. How could this happen the sick girlfriend joanne greaves how could u leave the father of ur kids body down a fall wen he was hurt poor poor winston i hate u n i hope u rot behind bars all of u

  2. Whoever wrote the above comment wants to learn to read. I (WINSTONS GIRLFRIEND) did not leave him at the bottom. The girlfriend of his killer left him not me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Yes u did murder him as u left him ther can read an have read more not jst this page girlfriend of victim ya sik an u abviously no wat u derserve !!!!! KARMA

  4. So it’s you who’s in contact with the Spanish authorities is it ? gaining all the facts that come in as and when they happen… NO I DIDN’T THINK SO!!!!
    At least have the decency to publish your full name! Maybe then I could let you know the truth not just what you think you know.
    Why have I not been arrested then you idiot?

  5. Listen you 2 horrible cretins !!! Love you to come say this to Joannas face !!! She did not leave him there as she wasn’t even around when the incident happened !!!! She walked back to the hotel room !!!!! The guy that attacked Leeroy and pushed him to his death , it was his girlfriend that didn’t ring the ambulance ! NOT the victims girlfriend !!!!!! ****************** !!!! Joanna is beside her self ! She’s lost the love of her life !!! Control yourself!!!!!!!

  6. In this article ‘The Girlfriend’ refers to the attacker’s girlfriend NOT the victims. You are mistaken if you think otherwise & should learn the true facts before leaving such awful comments. The victim’s girlfriend would have never ever done anything to hurt him. It clearly says ‘The person resposible, his girlfriend and another man! It would have said ‘the victim’s girlfriend’ if she had been involved but IT DOESN’T BECAUSE SHE WASN’T!!!

  7. It says girlfriend of suspect not girlfriend of victim if you can both read like you say you can!!! We’ll id read it again and get your facts right next time you want to open your mouths!!


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