Halting of park project stirs residents into action


RESIDENTS leapt into action and collected more than 2,400 signatures for a petition calling for work to resume on the park in La Siesta.

When news hit that work had been halted before completing the large park area, residents took action to demand answers and a public meeting was called. The new mayor, Jose Manuel Dolon (Green Party), had said there was no project in place or remaining funds left for its completion.

Former Councillor Carmen Gomez attended the meeting, bringing with her all the necessary paperwork concerning the project’s initial approval and the funding that had been set aside for its completion. As a result, Ken and Lyn Adams (Lyn pictured second from left) spearheaded the campaign efforts to get things moving, assigning a small army of volunteers to collect signatures for the petition.

Now, just a few short months later and the group gathered at the town hall in Torrevieja with a petition complete with 2,408 signatures of support, “just short of the number of votes the current mayor received in the elections!” Lyn pointed out.

Former PP councillors Carmen Gomez and Rosario Martinez, now in the opposition, said: “These neighbours don’t have political grudges, they are simply residents who care about the environment and want their problem solved.”

The PP has said it will “co-operate and develop” together with residents. They reiterate that work on the park was to be carried out in two phases with the involvement of students in an employment workshop. Lyn said: “We just want the park finished. It will benefit everyone but is now just being left to fall into further disrepair.”

The issue is now expected to be raised at the next council plenary meeting, scheduled for the last Thursday of the month.


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