Donald Trump brings wind farms dispute to UK Supreme Court

Photo Credit Gage Skidmore, Wikipedia
Donald Trump opposes wind farms in Scotland

DONALD Trump´s campaign against wind farms being built near his Aberdeenshire golf course in Scotland went to the Supreme Court in the UK on Thursday, October 8.

Trump’s protests went unheeded in Scottish courts with his latest case in an Edinburgh appeal court in June ending in a ruling against the property developer.

The US presidential candidate, however, has vowed to continue his lawsuit even as far as the European courts if he doesn’t find favour in the UK.


The Menie golf resort in Aberdeenshire is located on protected coastal dunes and since Trump’s purchase of the site in 2006, the Scottish government has given the go ahead for 11 wind turbines around two miles from the resort.

Arguing that the wind turbines would ruin the view from his development, the legal team representing Trump claimed that the Scottish government’s decision to approve the wind farm was unlawful.

The star of The Apprentice and Republican frontrunner for the White House was not available to appear in court at Westminster in person.

As the election race gains momentum in the US, it has been reported by the Washington Post that an official in Russia has invited Trump to Crimea for possible US/Russian talks. The mayor of Yalta on the Crimean coast praised Trump’s unique election campaign and is eager to arrange a meeting with the businessman.

The city of Yalta has a street named after American President Franklin D. Roosevelt and the mayor hinted that another local street may be named after a new US President in the near future.


  1. I don’t normally go for Republicans, but Donald Trump has a great campaign. As for his complaint about the possible wind turbines in Scotland – I hope he wins his case, as it is a protected area and may be unlawful. Scotland want to be careful. They are fighting for independence and need their finances stable should they get it. Mr. Trump may just pull all his money out of the area, and serve them right.


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