Corbyn’s intent is hidden by rhetoric

PEACE AND LOVE: Naive beliefs are for the young, not for experienced politicians.

WATCHING ‘Comrade Corbyn’ address last week’s Labour Party Conference, I found myself experiencing odd twinges of deja vu. Then it dawned on me; his rhetoric was exactly like the conversations we had back in the 60s.

The long ‘flower-power,’ ‘pot-inspired’ exchanges of young enthusiastic ideas on how we could change the world. Deep into the night we would discuss the dreams and ideals that would enable us all to live happily ever after in a conflict-free, loving environment; all with no idea at all how to turn our schemes into reality.

Of course, we were hopelessly naive and, most important of all, extremely young and painfully ignorant of the ways of the world and its workings.  However, in the main, we were completely harmless. And that’s where the similarity between Mr Corbyn and the flower-power idealists of old falls down.

This man is not some starry-eyed, naive youngster, hoping to turn the world into a peace loving Shangri-La. In my opinion he is a deceit riddled, extremely experienced, highly dangerous far-left operator, using these ideals to snare as many (mainly young) people as possible into embracing him as a kind of 21st-century saviour who will lead his people to some euphoric Utopia.

Of course, nothing could be further from the truth. I believe this man is fully aware that his policies will deliver us into Communism and the clutches of our enemies. Not his enemies of course; his record of embracing our adversaries has been well chronicled over the years.

His are the politics of stealth. I shudder when I see the faces that gaze up at him. I saw the same look on the followers of David Koresh, Jim Jones and Charles Manson; all dangerous manipulators who also promised their followers they could lead them to the ‘Promised Land’ and who held far less influential positions than Jeremy Cobyn and his TUC cronies.

No, I would be very wary indeed of Mr Corbyn. The devious leopards of the left seldom change their spots.

Keep the faith, Love Leapy    

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  1. Just like Calamity Cameron you’ve got your knickers in a right old twist over Jeremy Corbyn
    The fact that David Cameron used his speech at the party conference yesterday to make personal attacks on Jeremy Corbyn is a sure sign that he is rattled by the re-energisation of the Labour Party.
    With cuts to tax credits and a continued failure on housing and a living wage that is not really the living wage that was recommended, merely a raising of the minimum wage,along with cuts in public services food banks and above all austerity measures which impose really harsh conditions on the real hard working people both employed and unemployed in the UK his claim that the Conservatives are the party of working people is being exposed as a myth.
    Cameron is totally out of touch with the majority of people in the UK. In fact he is frequently refered to as Clueless Cameron. He sits in his nice secure home with no worries when hundreds of thousands sit in their homes waiting for the electricity or gas to be cut of because the have no money.
    I have no particular political affiliation as they are all simply high class scroungers living off the fat of the land. Which ever way we go either to the left or the right the man in the street will be the one being shafted whilst the politicians fiddle their expenses and enjoy free or subsidisednperks.

  2. Now I know this i***t Lee has finally lost the plot. To compare Corbyn to Charles Manson is a bloody disgrace. He should be ashamed of himself.

    We all know Lees a fervent right wing Tory supporting flag waving patriot. (Who’s lived abroad for years). Even using his s****d name brings me out in a rash.

    For his information, he’s commited, there are some of his ideals that does’nt sit well with me also, but he’s been elected, just like the Bullingdon Bunch.

    We have to have those weirdos dictating to us for years so shut t** **** *p LEAPY (My God change the name)

  3. So Corbyn has communist leanings. Communism is that why Russia and China have billionaires buying and investing all over the world. While the detritus of these communists countries are downtrodden. Not dissimilar to the capitalist countries, rich are getting richer and bulldozing their way through the live of the lower classes. Is communism something to be feared, is capitalism something to be feared. Greed and power followed by religion are the three most dangerous products of the human mind.

  4. Here’s one to ponder.
    Like millions of others in the UK Corbyn doesn’t sing the National Anthem. I don’t either for three reasons.
    First it’s more like a funeral Dirge
    second It is way out of date and like the Scots, Welsn and the rest of the world we should singing about our glorious contry not an individual.
    And finally I can,t sing to save my life.
    I am a great admirer of our Royal family and I served the Queen loyaly in HM Forces for 18 years so I am not anti Royal, Just exercising my right to choose in a free country.

  5. Tell it like it is Ian…. the man in the street foots all the bills. So that the political fat cats can pay slick accountants and lawyers to keep them from paying their fair share.
    It’s always been this way, no matter which party rules the roost.
    Sickened by politics.


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