Birthday celebrations for largest rodents in world

CAPYBARAS: Enjoy a special fruit and vegetable salad.

THE three capybaras (Hydrochaeris hydrochaerus) at Terra Natura nature and animal park in Benidorm are celebrating their first birthday.

Caregivers have prepared a special fruit salad and vegetables to mark the first birthday of these three animals. Olivian, Odita and Obelixia arrived at the complex three months ago and have adapted well to their new facility.

A male and two females were born at a zoo in Munich in September last year and were moved to the park in June. The transfer was the result of collaboration of the European Association of Zoo and Aquaria (EAZA), which belongs to Terra Natura.


The capybara is the largest rodent in the world. They usually live in herds on savannas, rivers, swamps and wetlands in South America, and especially in the Amazon River basin.



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