Are you paying too much?

METER: Different sizes can mean different charges.

ONE Villamartin resident is urging all Euro Weekly News readers to check their water bill to see if they are paying a higher standing charge than is necessary.

June said: “Some years ago I discovered that there were different size water meters and supplies.” She continued. “A 13mm one is the norm but we had a 20mm fitted and were paying a lot more, around €50 more on the standing order before any water usage was taken into account.”

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Looking into the situation she found that 69 homes on her urbanisation all had a 20mm diameter supply but they were receiving no better supply or benefit than having a 13mm supply, but had a substantially larger bill.

Now, after six years of trying, June has managed to change her meter down to a 13mm supply and has since helped nine others to do the same.

Water company Hidraqua required an official certificate from a plumber saying the property was suitable for the change to a 13mm supply, before charging her €280 for changing the meter, but she said it will not be long before she recovers these costs. To check your size, look towards the bottom of the bill on the left underneath the bill price. Next to ‘Contador’ there is a section that says ‘mm’; below that it should state if you are on a 13 or 20mm supply.


  1. Emabesa charge me for water consumption when I have not been in my apartment for 6 months, with the water stop cock turned off. I have, therefore, not used any water. When I email them to ask them why, they ignore me. Trying to reason with them is like banging your head against a brick wall.


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