Valencia runs out of beds for very ill

flickr, Giacomo Callaioli

La FE Hospital in Valencia has run out of space for chronically ill patients after the closure of one of the floors at the hospital. The timing could not be worse since it is at this time of year the hospital usually sees a peak in flu and respiratory illnesses as temperatures change and the onset of winter approaches.

The hospital is currently operating at 100 per cent occupancy, although there may be some 36 beds available shortly. There is already a waiting list of more than 20 people waiting to be treated, and the CSIF union representative at the hospital, Doctor Moliner has stated the department for health does not have any specific plans to deal with the demand from chronically ill patients and that these patients are entitled to receive the proper treatment and care.

Last year experts in the field warned of the increasing trend in chronically ill patients, which is said to be around 60 per cent of the adult population, and a need to address the situation. Those suffering from chronic illness stay an average of 47.2 days in hospital, with some for up to six months.



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