Police tackle man outside restricted zone at Conservative conference

Photo Credit Serge Bertasius Photography, Shutterstock
More protests in Manchester

FOLLOWING protests earlier in the week surrounding the Tory conference in Manchester, police have arrested a man allegedly attempting to break into the restricted zone outside the conference centre on Wednesday, October 7.

David Cameron was preparing his keynote speech for the conference when the man was stopped by police and taken away in a police van for questioning. The man is reported to have cut his knee during the incident.

Since the protests in Manchester started on Saturday there have been 15 arrests with five people charged so far. Police in Manchester have had to put up metal barriers around the conference centre on Monday in order to deal with the protesters outside.

On Saturday a flashmob at Manchester Piccadilly Station kicked off the protests and activists have been picketing the way into the convention centre all week.

Earlier in the week police were spotted on the roof of a shopping centre with sniper rifles overlooking crowds in the area. Officers insisted at the time that the rifles were only being used due to their ability to see farther than binoculars.

Recent reports in the Daily Mail, however, confirm that Greater Manchester Police have admitted that the weapons are intended to be used if necessary and said that police snipers are a routine response to the security risks posed by a gathering of many senior politicians in one place.


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