Marbella fake plastic surgeon sentenced


A MAN who masqueraded as a plastic surgeon in Marbella has been given a one-year, seven-month jail sentence by a Malaga Criminal Court.

Pierre Albrecht was found to have been working at a Marbella clinic with fake qualifications, although he has been acquitted of falsifying qualifications, with which he had also been charged.

The judge sentenced him to 16-months in jail for professional infiltration, and another four-and-a-half-months for harming others by imprudence. The accused was also ordered to pay €36,200 in damages to a patient who, in 2006, was left deformed after a breast reduction operation during which she was also given liposuction without her consent.

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The sentence also ordered a maximum payment of €67,000 to cover costs of another operation to repair the damage.


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