Manilva author may have discovered second Sphinx

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The Sphinx at Giza

A MANILVA author and paranormal explorer has spent the last 20 years searching and believes that he has discovered the whereabouts of the lost Ark of the Covenant and is also certain that he has uncovered the Riddle of the Sphinx; there is a second one waiting to be unearthed.

When Napoleon visited the Sphinx in 1798–99, all that was visible was its shoulders and head and it wasn’t until 1817 that a dig uncovered its chest, with the rest of the body following in later years.

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Gerry Cannon met a number of Egyptian officials, and many archaeologists in Cairo, and he was given permission to enter the Khafre (the name of the Pharaoh on which the Sphinx’s face is said to be based) Pyramid after it was closed to the public. Before leaving, he suddenly and unaccountably turned to the General Director of Giza Pyramids, saying: “When I return, I’m going to tell you something about the Sphinx!”

As he left the pyramid, he gazed in the direction of the Sphinx, thinking that there is more than one Sphinx as the Chinese Imperial guardian lions that guard temples are in pairs and pairs of sphinxes exist elsewhere in Egypt.

North of the Sphinx is a large mound which is currently unexplored and this could be the location of a possible buried second Sphinx.

Between the paws of the Sphinx is an ancient plaque with two sphinxes carved at its top. A close examination shows that they are different to each other. The left-hand sphinx’s face looks male and the right-hand face looks female, which apparently nobody noticed before.    

The Russian archaeologist, Dr. Kormysheva, spent years researching part of the mound but never obtained permission to dig in the area in question. According to Mr Cannon, a sensing company sent him an image of the relevant area of the mound that showed signs of something under it.

For more information contact him on and perhaps a university or other organisation may become involved in getting the mound investigated using ground-penetrating radar. If signs of a sphinx-shaped abnormality under it are shown, then an application can be submitted for a permit to carry out a detailed excavation.

Details on Gerry Cannon and his search for the Ark of the Covenant can be read at



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