Bullfights will be ‘a bad memory’ soon

Flickr, AnimaNaturalis

THE three left-wing parties at the Balearic Islands Parliament (PSOE, Mes and Podemos) have committed to ban bullfights in the region.

The animal rights organisations that have launched the Mallorca Sin Sangre (Mallorca Without Blood) campaign announced that these three parties are to put forward a proposition in the Balearic chamber to modify the laws that enable bullfighting events.

“After many months of true effort and being able to make 24 towns declare themselves ‘anti-bullfights’ and ‘animal-friendly,’ as well as the support of 135,000 people and culture, fashion, cinema and sporting figures, the Mallorca Sense Sang campaign is about to achieve its goal,” said the association Anima Naturalis in a statement. Head of the association, Guillermo Amengual, said this achievement was ‘historic’ and celebrated that “in a few days, bullfighting will be only a bad memory for the Islands.”


However, the parties insisted that there is no specific date for the legal modification which will eradicate bullfights, which is to be included in the Animal Wellbeing law. In fact, the proceedings could take months, as it is not considered as a priority.

In the Balearic Islands, there are only four active bullrings in Palma, Alcudia, Inca and Muro, as festivities like this have seen a significant reduction during the past few years, reaching its minimum this year, with only three bullfights.


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