Antequera calls in the hunters to get rid of pesky pigeons


HUNTERS are going to be called in by Antequera authorities to help catch pigeons to reduce the trouble the birds are causing in the city.

Lack of rain and warm temperatures have led to the pigeon population multiplying over the last couple of years, and there are now an estimated 10,000 birds causing damage and dirt.

This year, the council has decided the cages usually used to catch and remove excess birds will not be enough and will be calling the local hunting association to bring in more cages.

City centre residents have been particularly affected by the problem, and many have had to put mesh over their roofs to stop the birds knocking tiles off and spend thousands more Euros fixing damage and clearing up after the pigeons.


  1. They should take advice from London who had similar problems in Trafalgar Square……….They employed someone with a pet hawk which soon saw off all the pigeons……….Perhaps they would re-locate in .one of the costa towns. !!


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