Ultimatum to fix the Motril court

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THE Workplace Inspection Committee has given the Junta de Andalucia regional government a deadline of three months to perform a comprehensive series of reparations at the Motril Palace of Justice.

The Justice Employee Union (STAJ) presented a formal letter to the Provincial Workplace Inspection office back in July, denouncing the many deficiencies of the building, including the problems with the air-conditioning.

The inspector then held a meeting with experts which confirmed the situation alleged by workers and, according to their reports, workers have had to bear temperatures of up to 27.5 Celsius degrees while working, a situation which was made worse due to the several heat waves registered in July and August.

In addition, the inspector found out that the building has never been evaluated to determine the kinds of risks employees are exposed to, such as the extreme heat mentioned above.

“The place does not have measurements for optimal work temperatures at each position,” read the inspector’s report, which continued: “A prolonged exposure to high temperatures together with dehydration could potentially cause serious health problems.”

Other risks found in the office were the overloading of shelves with folders, the lack of handrails across stairs and the existence of exposed cables on the floor, which could cause falls. These and many other deficiencies are to be fixed by the Junta de Andalucia.

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