UK Home Secretary Theresa May criticises economic migrants to Britain

Photo Credit ukhomeoffice, Wikipedia
Theresa May, UK Home Secretary

THERESA MAY, UK Home Secretary, is expected to outline her opposition to mass migration in the Conservative conference on Tuesday October 6.

UK media has previewed sections of her speech which is set to focus on the cost of mass migration to Britain. She is expected to say that uncontrolled migration will cause the undercutting of salaries of lower paid workers. She will tell the Conservative party conference that immigration limits are essential in the UK.

The Daily Mail has reported that May intends to detail the £4 million (€5,411,000) that Britain has spent in order to process asylum claims by EU citizens who are not in danger of persecution. She will mention migrants from Spain and Poland in particular in her address.


May will refocus on her 2010 pledge to cut net migration to below 100,000 by distinguishing between those migrants fleeing persecution and those seeking prosperity.

“People on both extremes of the debate – from the anti-immigration far Right to the open-borders liberal Left – conflate refugees in desperate need of help with economic migrants who simply want to live in a more prosperous society.

“Their desire for a better life is perfectly understandable, but their circumstances are not nearly the same as those of the people fleeing their homelands in fear of their lives.

“While we must fulfil our moral duty to help people in desperate need, we must also have an immigration system that allows us to control who comes to our country. “



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