Shortening school days to be reassessed

Photo by Chris Metcalf, Flickr
SCHOOL WORK: Debates over whether shorter days enhance productivity for children

VALENCIA’S Department of Education has said it will evaluate the schools that currently apply the continuous day to see if there are contexts in which it would be preferable to choose this model or otherwise. This will not apply across the board for all schools in the región, however.

Minister of Education, Vicent Marzà, said the goal of department heads is to have these assessments made in February next year.

It comes following prolonged calls for a continuous day at school with protests held earlier in the year. Parents and teaching bodies claim that having all lessons in the morning is more productive rather than having a long lunch break and then returning for a few classes in the afternoon.

In April, protests were held as the government announced it was to scrap the plans, saying that it hadn’t worked in the schools that had trialled the system. Many centres had been polled on their opinions on shortening the school day to offer continuous lessons for pupils until 2pm, with 80 per cent in favour of the change.


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