Field theft sees four arrested in Velez-Malaga


FOUR people were taken into custody by the Velez-Malaga Local Police after having allegedly stolen 300 kilos of fruits from a cottage in Los Toscanos (Almayate district).

The events took place on Saturday (October 3) at around 2.15am when a special patrol in charge of preventing field thefts detected a vehicle exiting the Los Toscanos road at great speed, later entering the N-340 road heading to Malaga.

The driver, after noticing the authorities, sped up to 140 kilometres per hour but was shortly after caught in the area of Benajarafe.

After identifying the passengers of the vehicle, they found four men from Torre del Mar and Rincon de la Victoria and found out that the car was not suitable to be driven as it had not passed its ITV (MOT) test.

According to the police, the four suspects admitted to stealing the fruit and one of them took officers to the spot. The goods were returned to their owner.


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