Damage in Port de Pollença beach

Flickr by Cristina Bortes

THE Port de Pollença beach suffered substantial damage due to the strong waves registered during Wednesday night and Thursday morning.

Waves flooded into the beach and took a large amount of sand back into the water.

Environment Councillor, Bartomeu Cifre Bennassar, said the area will undergo maintenance shortly, even though the tourist season is almost over, saying: “We are aware that the image of this area is catastrophic and we cannot allow this to give the beach negative publicity.

“In Port de Pollença, the sand is not as established as in other beaches as it was made with artificial regenerations and it depends on the protection of the breakwater,” he continued.

In addition, several boats were also washed away, as well as a jet ski taken to the Dels Tamarells Beach.

The sand that was deposited on the seafront buried hundreds of hammocks and many sunshades were completely destroyed.

The children’s park near the S’Embat beach bar was completely filled with sand and covered with sea plants.

In short, the area is in need of complete of renovation and cleaning.


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