British manslaughter fugitive arrested in Mallorca

Photo Credit Yorkman, Shutterstock
British bobbies were involved in the capture of a fugitive in Mallorca

A British man who was arrested in Mallorca on Saturday October 3 was wanted by British police in the UK.

Ashley Carlton James, 30, was jailed in 2008 following a conviction for manslaughter. After escaping from Sudbury open prison in December 2010 he has finally been detained in Magaluf.

Now in a Madrid prison, the fugitive was apprehended after police responded to a domestic violence call. Having fled the scene by the time the officers arrived he was later found at a different address in Calvia, Magaluf.

Two British bobbies who were helping to patrol the party resort were involved in the capture. The Spanish Civil Guard said that the British woman involved in the domestic violence case spoke to the British police on the scene.

“With the information obtained from the statement the Civil Guard and the British police began an investigation which culminated with the identification and arrest of the individual. This person was on the run from British justice because of a homicide committed in the UK,” said a spokesman.

The fugitive was originally jailed in the UK for his part in the killing of student Uriel Johnson in Bilson, West Midlands, in July 2007.


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