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ADVERTISE: Get your property onto international portals all over the world.

JOIN the website that will revolutionise the Spanish property market. Property for sale by owner is a growing international trend, letting sellers take charge of every aspect of a sale.

Solo.sale lets private sellers list their ads on the same property portals that, until now, estate agents have had exclusive use of and at a low, competitive, price. Starting from €199 you can advertise your home on: Zoopla, the Dutch site Huisenaanbod.nl, the Norwegian site Finn.no, the Chinese site Juwai.com and more!

With Solo.sale’s easy to use listing tool you can create your own attractive property advertisement.

Solo.sale will promote your property on major property websites, social media networks and provide your ad with international exposure. Buyers use the Internet to navigate the property market. In fact, 95 per cent of searches are carried out online.

Solo.sale is the perfect marketing tool for selling properties. A record number of foreign buyers are searching for homes in Spain. They all turn to their country’s leading property portal first. Solo.sale is fully linked to major portals in Spain, the UK, the Netherlands, Norway, China and more. This gives millions of buyers the opportunity to view your home. Solo.sale is a flat fee property agency, which means that we only charge a fee for services rendered. By purchasing a Solo.sale package deal, you will be able to create your own property advertisement, list it on leading property portals, and act as your own estate agent.

We put buyers in direct contact with home owners. And if you need help with any stage of the sale, Solo.sale can provide traditional estate agent services for a flat fee. There are no hidden fees – and no estate agent commissions! When sellers know that they have to pay the estate agent 5 per cent in commissions, they add that fee onto the listing price. A Solo. sale home mirrors the seller’s true asking price. So buyers should be on the lookout for a Solo.sale sign, it means that there is a good deal to be had.

Check out our website: Solo.sale and choose the advertisement package that suits you. Get tips on creating an attractive and informative property ad, promoting your property, and buying and selling property in Spain. Make sure you get the best marketing possible for your property!


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