Thief caught with 300 kilos of vegetables taken from Almayate

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Town Hall of Velez Malaga commended local police for vegetable retrieval

THE Vélez-Malaga Local Police interrupted a late night vegetable heist on Saturday October 3 in the area of Los Toscanas.

The Local Police were on patrol, watching out in particular for thieves, when a car was detected travelling at high speeds on the CN-340 direction of Malaga. The driver had seen the police checkpoint and began racing away at speeds of up to 140km/h.

The Vélez-Málaga Town Hall reported in a statement that the car was intercepted in Benajarafe at just after two o’clock in the morning. One man was detained after trying to flee in his car which had 300 kilos of vegetables stolen from Almayate inside.

Officers made the discovery of several boxes of peppers inside the boot of the car.

The driver, a Torre del Mar resident and the passengers were both residents of Rincón de la Victoria. The driver was detained for dangerous driving and the vehicle’s ITV and insurance were discovered to be out of date since February 2012.

The car was taken away by a tow truck to the police pound in Vélez-Málaga. The merchandise of 300 kilos of peppers and green beans were then confirmed to have been stolen from the Los Toscanos farm.

The mayor, Antonio Moreno Ferrer publically congratulated the Local Police officers on a job well done.


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