Spanish toddler strikes a pose!


A crying toddler has been captured on video having a tantrum and immediately strikes a pose when she notices that she is being filmed. The toddler, believed to be from Spain, is heard crying and is then called over by her mother. However, it isn’t until the little girl realises she’s on camera that she immediately stops wailing and puts her hand on her hips in the 14-second clip which has had more than 250,000 views on YouTube.

The little girl stands with her back to her mother, pacing around while wailing.

Wearing a white top and lilac layered skirt, the girl shows no signs of giving in.

It is not made clear as to why the toddler is upset but as her mum tries to grab her she storms around.

When she finally looks up at her mother, she realises she’s being filmed.

She quickly snaps into action, with one hand on her hips and the other against her head.

Striking a pose worthy of the catwalk, the toddler reduces her family to a fit of laughter and the rest of the world for that matter.

YouTube – World nEWS


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