Spanish police worker arrested in Gibraltar waters

Police boats in dock in Gibraltar

ON the morning of October 2, a Spanish boat was spotted in Gibraltar waters apparently fishing and the Royal Gibraltar Police were called to investigate.

As the RGP Marine Section arrived, the man was seen to throw a large tuna fish into the water. According to reports, despite the fact that he was within metres of the shore, he insisted that he was in Spanish waters and that the RGP had no authority over him, he then sped off but his vessel was stopped and boarded by the police.

It transpires that the man is a resident of La Linea but works in Los Barrios with the Spanish municipal police. According to reports he was formally arrested on suspicion of fishing in British Gibraltar Territorial Waters without a permit, obstructing police and jettisoning cargo. He has been granted police bail and his vessel has been impounded whilst he is due to appear at the Magistrates Court in December.



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