Man loses an eye in Benidorm bar fight


PROSECUTORS in Alicante have asked for a sentence of three years in prison for a man who is accused of having stabbed a man in the eye with an umbrella during a fight in a bar in Benidorm, resulting in the victim losing his eye.

The incident occurred on April 19, 2009, at a bar in Benidorm located on Avenida Alfonso Puchades.

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The accused and victim had a heated argument before the accused hit the victim in the face with the umbrella, stabbing the tip into his right eye. The victim suffered a haemorrhage in the eye, and underwent an emergency operation. Doctors attempted to reconstruct the damaged eye, but subsequent complications resulted in a retinal detachment and glaucoma, which meant that the man had to have a glass eye implant.

The prosecution initially demanded a sentence of nine years in prison because of the severity of the injuries, but after compensation of €50,000 was offered, they reduced their request to three years in prison. The courts will now decide the penalty to be imposed during sentencing.


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