Locals lose sleep due to shopping centre alarms in Mijas Costa

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LIFE is becoming a misery for an estimated 1,000 people living in flats round the Parque Miramar shopping centre in Mijas Costa due to a faulty fire alarm system which they say is driving them mad.

The alarms, said Jose Antonio Casado representing local residents, have been going off over and over again both during the day and at night for two weeks, sometimes for up to two hours at a time.

Encarni Mancilla, who lives in one of the 450 flats near the centre, complained that she had phoned the Local Police station more than once but was always told there was nothing the force could do to help.


Meanwhile, Joaquin Sanchez, Head of Services at Parque Miramar, stated that although there had been some technical faults these had now been resolved.

Staff at Yorkshire Linen, near the centre, told EWN that they had heard alarms ringing one day but assumed they were car alarms and couldn’t say it had been a noticeable problem.


  1. I think it’s hilarious that the Spanish complain about alarms going off in the night but totally ignore the constant barking of dogs in the night


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