Drug proceedings monopolise Orihuela police

TRAINING: Orihuela police in training to further enhance their professionalism and efficiency

DEALING with cases of drug use monopolises Orihuela police station.

Whilst the number of thefts was down 12 per cent in the municipality, arrests related to the use or possession of drugs was up 9.4 per cent to 567 arrests over the last year.

According to chief inspector Luis Lombarte; “all criminal offences in general, except drug use and possession, have decreased by 5.36 per cent; crimes against property fell 8.07 per cent and robberies fell 3.03 per cent.”

The work of officers was highlighted after a Mass in the Cathedral to mark the feast of the Guardian Angels. Officer Antonio Villabrille was also honoured with the Police Merit for his 12 years of service and 10 years in Orihuela: “He has professional and personal qualities that make him deserving of this distinction” said Lombarte who stressed “the professionalism that should be in each of us in the proper exercise of the duty to carry out efficiently and responsibly our work which we have been trained to do.”

Around 60 Local Police officers also took part in an additional training day addressing legal updates and the reform of the penal code.


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