Donkey statue mutilated in Albox

Flickr Juan Heredia

A VANDAL who has cut its right ear has mutilated the sculpture of a donkey located in Plaza Nueva, Albox.

The piece, which was created by Albox artist Isabel Maria Garcia Oller and is completed with the sculpture of a mule driver, was placed in its current location in 2011 and, according to the Council, it is a common sight for locals to see tourists (especially British) taking pictures in front of it, due to its beauty and originality.

“We need the help of everyone to make this a habitable town,” said Mayor Rogelio Mena, who continued: “I am concerned for the lack of respect towards public furniture and our patrimony.”

But this donkey has not been the only target for vandals and, as the mayor explained, other points of the town such as the roundabout at the new bridge have suffered similar actions.

“We will take all measures in our power to apply the necessary policies,” he said, and added that the culprit will face a fine.


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