Benidorm visitors value the tranquillity, cleanliness and spaciousness of its beaches


QUIETNESS, cleanliness and spaciousness are the three aspects that users value most on the beaches of Benidorm, according to a survey carried out this summer by the Municipal Services for Beaches.

The aim of this type of research, according to Councillor for Beaches, Lorenzo Martinez, “is not only to gain feedback and details of satisfaction levels from the people who use our beaches, whether residents, visitors or foreign nationals, but also to be used as a working tool to correct defects, improve services or consider launching new services on the basis of the suggestions made,” adding that the ultimate goal is to improve the quality of services provided by the town hall for its main attraction.

According to the survey data, from 573 interviews between May and July, a major factor indicating that Benidorm’s beaches are attractive to tourists, is the fact that 84.59 per cent of people that visited in the summer of 2015 had already visited before, so were repeat visitors. In fact, over 89 per cent of Spanish people surveyed claimed to have visited on more than one occasion, showing a high level of loyalty to the area.

One of the main positive and attractive features is ease of accessibility. 69.58 per cent of visitors say access to the beaches, without the need to use any means of transport, was important to them.

The survey also showed that the appeal of Benidorm’s beaches was quite clear since 97.02 per cent of respondents said they would recommend the beaches of Benidorm. 98.1 per cent of people of Spanish nationality and 96.97 per cent of UK respondents recommend the beaches of Benidorm. 96.81 per cent of those surveyed say they intend to return to visit the beaches of Benidorm on another occasion with Poniente being the most popular and favoured with 99.52 per cent.

Finally, it was emphasised that the three elements most valued by respondents were tranquillity (20.58 per cent), cleanliness (18.33per cent) and spaciousness (14.79 per cent).


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