ISIL network broken up in coordinated raids


TEN people linked to the Islamic State in Spain and Morocco have been arrested in an internationally coordinated operation which took place on Sunday October 4

The Spanish National Police in conjunction with the DGST (Moroccan counter-subversion unit) raided locations in Toledo, Badalona, Xeraco (Valencia) and Casablanca (Morocco) and have detained 10 people associated with the Islamic State, who are allegedly part of a recruitment network for  terrorists involved in indoctrination and the sending of recruits from Europe.

According to the Spanish Interior Ministry, “the detainees were part of a network of recruitment, tasked with indoctrination and the sending of foreign fighters to join the ranks of the terrorist organization DAESH, on the Syrian-Iraqi region which remains under its control”.

“The operation was ordered by the Office of the High Court No. 5 in Spain as part of an ongoing investigation.”  The Ministry said.


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