Alfas celebrates its international community


ALFAS DEL PI will be celebrating its international community with the eighth edition of its International Day to be held at the municipal sports centre. Organised by the Department of Immigration, foreign residents and the AMICS organization, it is a day that celebrates the different cultures and traditions from the residents of the multi-cultural town and aims to promote coexistence and integration within the community.

“More than 50 associations are expected to participate, and will present the cuisine, culture and folklore of many different countries,” said the mayor, Vicente Arques. In L’Alfas del Pi over 100 different nationalities are represented with more than 50 per cent of the population of foreign origin.

“The festival allows residents to share the proud culture and folklore of their home countries and has been extremely popular each year with a large turnout, it really reflects the multiculturalism of our community and reflects our municipality,” says Vicenta Baldo, head of Immigration-AMICS.


This year the day will start at 10.30am and finish at 6pm. There will be food tasting, games for children and music performances, including folk music. The event will be celebrated at the Polideportivo Municipal de L’Alfas del Pi.



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