Investments to improve poultry health in the Valencia Region


THE Department of Agriculture will allocate a total of €397,560.40 in investments to improve poultry health in the Valencia Region, in particular in the prevention and eradication of salmonellosis, an infection caused by salmonella bacteria.

Valencia is the region with the most aid grants of this type and the department will collaborate with producers when performing health checks to help maintain the health of farm animals. The aid will assist in the purchase and administration of vaccines, slaughter and the destruction of affected animals, as well as cleaning, fumigation and pest control facilities.

The Department is also working to ensure livestock production is carried out under conditions that ensure public health, so that the products obtained do not undermine the health of consumers and any potential diseases are not spread.


It is also hoped this measure will strengthen the competitiveness of the sector; the production of poultry, in tonnes, is the largest livestock production in the Community of Valencia and directly employs 8,000 people with 623 farms across the Region.

In 2014, the community sold poultry meat worth €9.8 million, 12 per cent more than in 2013, with South Africa and France as key customers.


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