Volkswagen says 683,626 vehicles in Spain are affected by emissions scandal

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VW puts a figure on the Spanish cars affected by scandal

LATE last night, Wednesday September 30, Volkswagen released in a statement the number of vehicles and the details of the brands in Spain caught up in the emissions scandal.

The group said a total of 683,626 cars with EA 189 EU 5 diesel engines had been sold in the Spanish market, 257,479 from the Volkswagen brand, 221,783 SEAT cars, 147,095 Audis, 37,082 Skodas and 20,187 Volkswagen commercial vehicles.

VW Spain said it has already sent the figures to the industry and environment ministers in Spain.


“All of the affected vehicles are totally safe and suitable for driving,” said the VW statement. “The Volkswagen Group is doing everything in its hands to solve the problem as quickly as possible.”

Volkswagen said the affected brands are going to publish a free hotline number on their websites on October 3 that customers can call to find out if their vehicles contain the fraudulent software.

The car company has said it will cover all costs involved. VW Spain was the last unit of the company to release a figure on the fraud which came hours after VW divisions in Britain, France, Norway and Czech Republic did the same.



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