Torrevieja’s turtles begin to hatch

NEWBORNS: Hatchlings are being monitored in Valencia.

THE first loggerhead turtles, whose eggs were found on La Mata beach in July, have hatched.

The first new arrival, born at the oceanografic centre in Valencia where the eggs were being observed and protected, has been named Chelo.

More of the eggs are still being monitored day and night by volunteers at Playa Punta II where a large tent has been erected for them.

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The birth of the Torrevieja turtles came just days after another batch was released into the sea off the Carabassi beach in Elche after more than a year of being kept, fed and monitored at the oceanografic centre to ensure their greatest chance of survival. Some of the turtles were fitted with lightweight tracking devices that will naturally fall off in several months’ time.

One has shown that one of the turtles released from Carabassi beach is already more than 80 kilometres from the coast.


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