Torrevieja Mayor pledges turn around about being the poorest city


THE Director of the National Statistics Institute (INE) has responded to complaints made by Torrevieja about the city being named the poorest in Spain with the lowest per capita income in towns with over 20,000 inhabitants.

Mayor Jose Manuel Dolon sent a public letter to the INE questioning the data used which came to the conclusion that Torrevieja was the poorest saying the INE did not quantify the total housing within the study of income.

However, in response, the INE defended the data and methodology used and said that the study results are valid and clarified that the data related to 2012 and the number of inhabited homes was specified at around 43,000; a figure provided by Torrevieja Town Hall itself, which was analysed along with data provided by the Tax Agency.


Accepting the findings, Mayor Dolon said the municipal government was embarrassed by it, “but to hide it is useless and we are committed to providing solutions.”

Dolon said residential tourist building “has generated millions and millions of euros in profits” but with Torrevieja now the poorest place according to the statistics he asked “Where is the money now? Twenty-seven years of government by the PP and its policies of waste and corruption have brought us nothing but poverty and lavishly squandered resources.”

Former Mayor Eduardo Dolon (PP) also criticised the INE report, saying that the incomes of foreign residents who reside in Torrevieja for only part of the year was not counted.


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