Ten percent of new James Bond film budget spent on destroying cars


THE James Bond franchise is renowned for the quality of cars featured and the number that are destroyed on a regular basis in thrilling chase scenes.

According to a recent article in the Mail on Sunday, reports suggest that around £24 million (€33.5 million) out of a total budget of £200 million (€280 million) was spent on cars which appear in the new movie ‘Spectre’, the 24th’ Bond film, which is due for release in Spain on November 6.

As usual, Aston Martin have a very good presence in this film and no less than seven specially designed DB10 sports cars were destroyed in a series of high speed chases within Rome and Vatican City. A further three DB10s, all with the classic ejector seat seen in the DB5 in Goldfinger, were also used.

As Aston Martin receive so much coverage in this and earlier Bond films, it is assumed that the cars are supplied at a special price, even so, the overall cost must be almost unbelievable.

Everyone understands the concept of product placement in modern films but this is the ultimate, with additional appearances from a Land Rover which collides with an aircraft being piloted by James Bond (played by Daniel Craig for the fourth time). There is also a thrilling chase between Bond and a Jaguar C-X75, driven by the villain (played by Christoph Waltz).

“We set the record for smashing up cars on Spectre,” Gary Powell, Spectre’s chief stunt coordinator, told the newspaper. “In Rome, we wrecked millions of pounds’ worth. They were going into the Vatican at top speeds of 110mph. We shot one entire night for four seconds of film.”


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