Residents attend Elche Council meeting


IN what is being considered by many as a ‘milestone’ in Elche’s political scene, the town hall welcomed the first set of citizens invited to attend a council meeting.

The four men and one woman had the opportunity to address the municipal corporation in the latter part of the meeting to ask questions. The first was Miguel Leon Lopez, who, after thanking the council for the gesture, asked what was being done to combat youth unemployment.

The Councillor for Employment, Héctor Díez, replied that 30 per cent of jobs in the employment programme will be aimed at the young. Also, more employment workshops are being offered in the Municipal School of Hospitality.


Other items discussed were the banning of animal attractions in the city, the situation of the Central Market and the risk to palm trees from the palm weevil.

The residents also proposed that the town hall go beyond the mechanisms of citizen participation and create more public forums.


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