Over half of the neurodegenerative patients suffer from Alzheimer’s

ADVANCES: New diagnostic procedures and improved understanding of Alzheimer’s has led to improved, early diagnoses of the illness which allows treatment to begin while there is still very little or no functional impact on the patient.

THE San Vicente Hospital unit for behavioural Neurology and dementias in Alicante claims that over half of all neurodegenerative disorders they deal with at their hospital are Alzheimer’s sufferers.

This unit has, in the past year, made a total of 3,436 inperson consultations, of which 668 were first visits. In addition, there have been a total of 2,010 telephone inquiries dealt with by the department with regard to the disease.

The team is made up of three neurologists, a neuropsychologist, a nurse, an occupational therapist, a social worker, a nursing assistant and an administrative assistant It provides comprehensive assistance to patients and caregivers in coordination with the neurology health departments as well as with psychiatrists, doctors, primary care physicians and senior residence departments.


Advances in the understanding of Alzheimer’s disease and the development of new diagnostic procedures have provided improved diagnoses during the early stages, when there is no, or very little, functional impact on the patient.

The unit has all the diagnostic tools that enable them to make a complete study; neuropsychology for neuropsychological tests, structural neuroimaging (CT and MRI) and functional (SPECT and PET), to identify biomarkers in cerebrospinal fluid.


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