Only anglers and traditional methods allowed


AN environment patrol confiscated 15 kilos of fish poached from the Cabo de Gata-Nija national park’s marine reserve.

The pollock and grouper, illegally caught by divers, was later sent to a charity organisation.

Diving for fish is banned from the inner zones of the nature reserve where fishing is restricted to hobby anglers, or fishing boats using traditional craft methods.

The environment officials’ task was simplified at the end of last year when mobile CCTV cameras were installed in the park’s coastal areas. The images are sent back to a control centre where the operative has a clear view of what is happening in different zones and can take preventive measures where necessary.

Inspectors from the regional government carry out random inspections at markets and fishmongers as well as bars and restaurants specialising in seafood. The origin of the fish has to be checked since illegally acquired fish not only breach environmental regulations but have not passed health controls.


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