New political party led by Nigerian-born woman will participate in Spanish election

Photo Credit Helen Mukoro shutterstock
Helen Mukoro leader of Union de Todos

HELEN Mukoro Idisi, a Nigerian-born Spanish writer and lawyer, is the leader of one of Spain’s newest political parties Union de Todos (Union of All) and plans to stand for the position of prime minister in the forthcoming general elections.

Having previously stood for the post of Mayor of Denia she is destined to be the first African woman to contest the post of prime minister. She admits that, as a new party, the general election has come a little too soon for them to build a large support but she is encouraged by the positive response from the public to other parties such as Podemos.

Mrs Mukuro has written twenty books on management and self-development and has worked as a legal adviser in the immigrant department of the Spanish Red Cross as well as being a human rights lawyer.


Her party campaigns on the platform that it is a social party, consisting of circles of people determined to defend ‘decency, democracy and human rights.’


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