Money can buy just about anything

OIL RICH: Saudi Arabia believes it is a favourite of Allah.

I THINK many Saudis are like spoilt children with too much pocket money. They manufacture absolutely zilch and produce nothing but a substance that lies under their desert wastelands. They consider themselves favourites of Allah for having been bestowed this natural, and extremely lucrative, natural resource.

Having spent some eight years in their country, I think I can attest to their arrogance and hypocrisy. It came as no surprise to me that they completely blanked refugees fleeing from persecution in neighbouring countries; heaven forbid they allow their privileged existence to be overrun by smelly peasants!

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It was also completely typical that they instead offered to pay for 200 new mosques to be erected in Germany. They also lie about or suppress anything that may be detrimental to their superior existence. When I was in the country, there was an attempted coup by one of the royal family. On one road during the event, I overtook at least 100 tanks and mobilised guns. What little information did escape was quickly dismissed as a ‘military exercise’.

When slavery was supposedly brought to an end, with a great flourish of ‘generosity’, they built them all a town out in the desert. What they really wanted was them all in one place. Not long after, they allegedly sent in fighter planes and bombed it out of existence.

On another occasion there was an attempted takeover of Mecca by a rival religious group. This was put down to a handful of zealots. In fact, it took two weeks to quell, and a doctor friend of mine told me that his military hospital had treated at least 600 gunshot victims.

Despite demanding mosques to be built everywhere, they would never allow anything even vaguely resembling a church to be built in their kingdom. If they say some 700 souls perished this week on the road to Medina, you can guarantee the figure was probably double.

No, it would appear that the Saudis are living proof that in this world, money can buy just about anything.

Keep the faith, Love Leapy 


  1. I have an acquaintance here in Holland who’s sole function is to provide Saudi money to build Mosques.
    I guess they finance the building of Mosques in most countries. Nothing new there.
    Perhaps they feel that it puts them in the good books of their almighty. It would appear that they are not building enough, because the loss of devotees lives in Mecca continues to be horrendous.Year in Year out.
    As good catholics often say. “The Lord works in mysterious ways.” You bet your butt he does.
    When an Iraqi journalist friend of mine in London, chided his Saudi bosses for constantly knocking the decadent west, he politely pointed out, “Who Built your Car, your Boat, your Computer, your Watch, your Radio, your iPhone… etc.. They arrogantly replied that they did not need to develop any of these things because the West provides them in exchange for OUR oil.
    ‘Hmmn’, said my friend ‘and you can’t even get that out of the ground without their expertise’

  2. Unfortunately, S.Arabia it’s only an example of what is the real situation but thant you very much to publish this article. Actually Erdogan from Turkey is in Brussels and say: We don’t make descrimination about refugees, we accept all the religions. We are not like some of europeans countries that are accepting only non arabs ones. But in reality Erdogan is saying:If you don’t give me money I will send you two milions refugees more. The europeans propose to him 1 bilion…For the moment.


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