Examiner strikes disappoint learner drivers


MORE than 1,000 learner drivers in the province have had their driving exams delayed since examiners started daily partial strikes on September 14.

The strike, called for an indefinite amount of time by the Spanish Traffic Examiners’ Association (Asextra) and CGT, CSIF and USO trade unions, is also causing the average time for pupils to be given a date for an exam in Malaga is more than one month.

The strikes, over the last three hours of the examiners’ working day, have meant an average of 120 learners are turning up for their exams and going home disappointed. Although the DGT traffic authority is trying to ensure the next slot they are given are earlier in the day, some people have been turned down twice.

Examiners all over the country are following the strike to demand better working conditions including the possibility of not giving results on the spot to avoid being the brunt of angry people they fail.

If the strikes continue (so far the strike committee and the DGT have met just once in Madrid to discuss the situation) examiners think that delays are set to continue.

Yet Malaga’s Driving School Association (APAE) has said it will not hold protests over the delays as the strike is a countrywide one and must be resolved by the examiners and the traffic authority.


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