Exam to acquire Spanish nationality arrives this month


COMPULSORY test will include questions on the Constitution, traditions, geography and gastronomy.

The new exam that will have to be taken by foreigners who want to acquire Spanish nationality and residence will become a requirement next month. The programme will commence in a dozen centres in Valencia, including the University of Alicante.

The exam serves to demonstrate a sufficient degree of integration into Spanish society but passing the exam will not be the only requirement; a minimum knowledge of the language will also be asked for, equivalent to A2 level from the Cervantes Institute.


Exam questions may relate to climate, geography, state symbols, historical sites, measurement systems, educational organisation, media and transport, religion, official languages, gastronomy ​​or historical landmarks as well as cultural productions including music, art or film, traditional festivities and commemorative events.


  1. that is going to stop a lot of people applying like my son
    as although he went to spanish school at the age of 8yrs geography and history were bad subjects for him


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