Arrested for counterfeit documents


LOCAL POLICE of Almuñecar has arrested a man after finding counterfeit documents of the car he was driving.

The events took place in the Paseo Blas Infante when officers were inspecting a vehicle with a driving plate from the UK. Inside the vehicle there were several people, amongst which were several minors.

When the documents of the car were requested they alleged they did not have any. It was then other individuals who were in different cars approached the officers saying they were relatives of the first few people inspected.

All of them were identified and presented identification cards from Slovenia, which made the officers suspect it might be counterfeit.

After that, and once at the Local Police station, the analysis confirmed the documents were false. A 36-year-old man was arrested in connection with this case and charged with an alleged crime of document forgery. Four cars were confiscated as the rest of the people also presented irregularities on their documents.


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