Spanish mayors meet British Ambassador in Alicante


BRITISH Ambassador, Simon Manley, has met with 10 local mayors to encourage further cooperation between the Embassy and town halls.

Joined by British Consul, Sarah-Jane Morris, the meeting took place in Alicante with mayors from the top 10 towns in terms of the number of British residents and was a follow up to a previous meeting held in February this year.  

A key aspect put on the table is the need for more cooperation from the Embassy, with Torrevieja Mayor, José Manuel Dolon, saying that “residents must be encouraged to learn the Spanish language, which can thereby help prevent complicated situations that occur daily.”

Other mayors highlighted the importance of improving the integration of these groups in the municipal network and the need to resolve situations that have occurred after the bursting of the property bubble with many residents left with the feeling of being ‘trapped’ without necessary services and infrastructure.


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