Refugee death toll at Calais keeps rising

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Children and women escorted by police at Calais port.

SINCE June, 13 people have died in Calais trying to get to Britain and the latest victim was killed on the Eurotunnel tracks with his body being found in the early morning of September 30.

According to the BBC, although no identification has taken place, it is believed that the man was Eritrean and his death is the fourth in just ten days.

A Eurotunnel spokesman said “This is another very regrettable incident and shows how dangerous it is to try and cross the tunnel illegally,” adding that a train driver was receiving ‘psychological support’ which suggests that the man was indeed hit by a train.


A day earlier, it was revealed that a 20-year-old Iraqi man had been found dead in a UK bound lorry and officials in Calais said the man was “crushed” by pallets and was found by a Hungarian driver. Two members of the man’s family were happily unhurt.

In the previous week, a teenager, thought to be from east Africa, was killed by a freight train near the Channel Tunnel entrance in Calais and a few days earlier a man died when he was electrocuted at the tunnel entrance.

Although less publicised, a number of refugees also try to board ferries bound for Britain from the port of Calais with mixed success.

As those in Calais become more desperate to get to the UK, they are taking greater and greater risks. It is particularly sad that they have managed to fight against so much adversity to get to Calais and then lose their lives so pointlessly.


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