Man accused over attempted kidnap in Motril


THE prosecutor’s office at the Granada court has requested three years and three months in jail for a man who allegedly attempted to kidnap a four year old girl in Motril.

The man is also said to have attacked the girl’s father when he tried to stop him.

According to the court’s document, the events took place on October of 2013 at around 8.45am, when the accused called Mohamed MC attended the front door of a school located at Avenida Juilo Moreno. He reportedly grabbed the girl by her arm with the intention of taking her against her will and allegedly punched the girl’s father on his mouth, knocked him to the ground and then kicked them again. As a consequence, the father suffered severe bruising and an anxiety attack.


According to the prosecutor’s office, the man could have been going through a schizophrenia episode which might have compromised his cognitive skills and will.

The man has also being requested to pay €600 in compensation and the costs of trial.



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