Boat passengers rescued off the coasts of Almuñecar

Flickr by Jesús Pérez Pacheco

THREE people were rescued off the coasts of Almuñecar after the boat they were travelling on broke down.

A witness, who was using a telescope in the Cantarrijan beach in Almuñecar alerted the 112 emergency services on Saturday, September 26 at around 8.15pm, claiming he had seen a small ‘zodiac’ boat throwing several red distress flares approximately one mile off the coast.

Salvamento Maritimo (Spanish sea search and rescue services) and the Guardia Civil attended the area and, around half an hour later, they were able to find the boat which was drifting away on the current after its motor had ceased to work.

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All passengers were rescued and were in good health and the boat was taken to La Herradura beach, where they had originally departed from.


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