Still for sale as office lies empty

PUBLIC AUCTION: Of the offices failed to produce a buyer.

THE headquarters of the Mancomunidad lie empty as the public auction of the offices failed to produce a buyer.

The auction had a starting price of €125,000 for the 260 square metre office space; substantially lower than the €824,000 the property was purchased for in the boom, but there were no takers.

The Mancomunidad entity was created to boost the economy of the Vega Baja and closed down in the last six months with the headquarters legally repossessed and put up for sale with the consent of the former employees of the Mancomunidad.


This was with the condition the money obtained was dedicated exclusively to pay off debts owed for unpaid wages and unfair dismissal.

This amount totals €640,000 but the former employees have agreed to reduce it to €350,000 provided there is a willingness to pay as soon as possible.

Los Montesinos councillor Ana Belen Juarez, is president of the Mancomunidad and indicates debts between banks and debt payments to workers are €975,725.42.

Fees are due by the municipalities of San Miguel de Salinas, San Fulgencio, Redován and Bigastro and Juarez said meetings have been held between these councils to try and settle the debts.

The president of the Association said it has set a final deadline of December 31 to liquidate the entity permanently.


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