Nazi banner shocks locals in Nice

Photo Credit Gabriel12 Shutterstock
Old Town in Nice

PEOPLE in the French city of Nice were alarmed to see a Nazi banner hung from a government building on Monday September 28.

Two men could be seen draping the banner over the roof of the Palais de la Prefecture as astounded locals stopped to see the flag. French officials reassured people that the building was merely being used during the filming of a World War 2 movie.

Joseph Joffo’s personal account of the conflict, A Bag of Marbles, is filming in Nice and the Palais is set to represent the Hotel Excelsior. The Nice hotel was used by SS chief Alois Brunner to organise the round up of Jews during the war.

Visitor Andrew Gentry told the BBC “People started screaming, they were really agitated. There was nothing around to explain what was going on.”

He added that among the angry locals were a number of tourists who began taking selfies.

Officials released a statement later in the day insisting that they had done everything possible to inform people of the filming in advance. Canadian director, Christian Duguay, is at the helm of the project, an adaptation of Joffo’s graphic novel which dramatises his boyhood escape from Nazi-occupied Paris.


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