Illegal houses to be demolished

Maximiliano Martin on Flickr

THE Ministry of Territorial Structuring says it will proceed with the demolition of six townhouses on Tabarca Island, located just off the coast of Alicante.

Their construction, they say, contravenes the Coastal Act as they have been built on a protected area and on maritime-terrestrial public domain.

The houses were declared illegal in 2003 following a complaint from the Ministry of Environment for violations of the act. However, 11 years later they are still standing.


While the tenants should have left by January 15, 2013, the technical departments say that they have thus far been unable to access the properties.

Many owners are also claiming compensation amounting to €1.2 million from the ministry as they claim that they had purchased the houses with municipal licences and have building permits and certificates of occupancy, as well as water and electricity connected.

The conflict between Costas and the Generalitat is still ongoing but the judge has sided with Costas and ruled that the houses are illegal.


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