Briton accused of Arboleas home fraud

Flickr, Luis Carrera

The Almeria Court is requesting a prison sentence of four years and six months for a British man accused of defrauding several other people from the UK.

The 59-year-old suspect is believed to have sold the victims a property in Arboleas as their main home, but reportedly built it without having a construction licence and on non-buildable land.

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The man is now accused of fraud for which he will also have to pay compensation of €6 per day for 16 months.

The events took place back in 2001. Victims were led to believe the house did in fact have all necessary paperwork and permits established by law. Instead, the suspect had requested a different authorisation which would allow him to build only a workshop.

He received a total of €190,324 for the property and later, €14,200 for the construction of an attached garage.

In a further ruling, the man has also been ordered to return all the money he received from the transaction.


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